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Primark Cleansing Brush Review - Clarisonic Dupe?!

Primark Cleansing Brush 
You guys know how much I love finding a good dupe and I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this new cleansing brush from Primark recently. Initially, I thought this looked remarkably similar to the cult Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleansing Brush* that retails for a whopping £125! Now while I can't compare this fully to the Mia 2 as I'm yet to try this, I can compare it to me beloved Lidl Silvercrest Cleansing Brush.

So here's everything you need to know about the Primark Beauty Expert Cleansing Brush...
The brush retails for an affordable £15 and is battery operated (batteries are not included). Additionally, you can also buy different brush heads at £3.50 each and a Foaming Cleanser that works with the brush for £2. (Watch my video above for snippets of all of the different brush heads and cleanser)

Brush heads and cleanser available for the Beauty Expert Cleansing Brush:

Comparison wise my Lidl Silvercrest Cleansing Brush was £25 when I received it as a gift at Christmas last year. This brush is still a steal but it is currently unavailable at this present moment.
The brush comes in an informative box that shares with you everything you need to know about the Beauty Expert Cleansing Brush. 
Inside the brush comes with one cleansing brush head (attached), a handy stand and an Instruction Manual. As I mentioned above the batteries are not included and so you will need 2x AA Batteries. Both the Clarisonic and the Lidl Brush are charger operated.
Now if your unfamiliar with what a cleansing brush can do for your skin then the whole point of the brush is too deep clean and exfoliate the skin, as well as aiding in removing makeup and dirt. It is not recommended you use this every day if you have sensitive skin because it is so intense, but as a guide, I tend to use mine more in the evening around 3 times a week.
The Primark Foaming Facial Cleanser that is sold as an add-on to the Cleansing Brush for me didn't look very appealing and skin friendly, so I decided to just use my Sister & Co Cleansing Oil* instead. I think personally there's no need to buy this cleanser aswell if what you already use to take your makeup off is working well for you already. 
The brush has two speeds and even though this is battery operated, surprisingly the higher speed is quite powerful. With regards to the brush itself, this comes with the normal cleansing brush head which works well at deep cleansing my face. However, I would say this does feel a little rougher compared to just using a normal flannel or muslin cloth to cleanse with and so if you do have sensitive skin, I would recommend additionally purchasing the Gentle Cleansing Brush Head and sticking to the first speed on the device.
When I tested this out I decided to do one side with the Primark brush and one side with the Lidl brush, I also dipped both in a little water before using them. So here's how they compare...

My Lidl Brush works with Sonic technology and has four settings. The Primark brush spins round at two speeds. The brush on the Primark version is slightly smaller and the bristles are longer and softer, whereas the Lidl one has a larger flatter brush. Both work well to deep cleanse the skin but I would say the Primark one is slightly harsher on the skin and overall does a better job at deep cleansing. However, the Lidl one is definitely easier to work with as it doesn't spin round.

Afterwards, I actually went in with a muslin cloth to see how much makeup each brush had removed and I would say they were both the same, I still had a bit of makeup that came off on the cloth on each side but not loads. I usually do a double cleanse and that is what I would recommend to you also just to ensure the face is completely clean and makeup free.

Overall I have to say I do like my Lidl brush that bit better as it's easier to control because it uses the sonic technology. I also like the fact you can charge it without the worry of replacing the batteries each time. Nevertheless, both are AMAZING at deep cleansing and exfoliating the skin and I couldn't recommend them enough if you're a girl on a budget!

I award the Primark Beauty Expert Cleansing Brush a 4.8 out of 5

Stay tuned for my next review which will be on the Primark Micellar Cleansing Pads. Alternatively, you can watch my full First Impression here.

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