Tuesday, 20 September 2016

O.P.I Collection and Swatches - Gold's, Nudes, Taupe's & Browns

O.P.I Collection and Swatches
If you've followed my blog from the begging you'll know O.P.I is a brand I have used for years now on not only me, but on my clients too. I just love the quality, longevity and vast selection of shades that O.P.I create and I honestly don't know how they still come up with new shades and quirky names years later!

Today I wanted to share with you part three of my O.P.I Collection including swatches and this time we're talking about some of my favourite shade families including, the gold's, nudes, taupe's and browns! If you haven't seen Part 1 and Part 2 you can check them out here and here.
O.P.I Need Sunglasses
O.P.I Rainbow Connection
O.P.I Chasing Rainbows
O.P.I The Living Daylights
O.P.I The Man with the Golden Gun
O.P.I Goldeneye
O.P.I Glitzerland
O.P.I Designer de Better
O.P.I Tiramisu for Two
O.P.I Gaining Mole-Mentum
O.P.I Worth a Pretty Penne
O.P.I Dulce de Leche
O.P.I It Never Ends
O.P.I Over the Taupe
O.P.I Set in Stone
O.P.I You Don't Know Jacques
O.P.I Suzi Loves Cowboys
O.P.I Teas-y Does It
O.P.I Every Month is Oktoberfest
O.P.I Brisbane Bronze
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