Friday, 22 June 2018

5 Superdrug Skincare Products Worth Buying

Superdrug Skin Care
Superdrug's own brand skin care is one of those really underrated and not talked about enough brands. Did you know Superdrug actually has many own brand lines within their skincare aisle's as well as all of the well-known drugstore brands they stock within their stores and online.
Their own brand skincare lines include...
- Naturally Radiant
- Tea Tree
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin E
- BB
- Optimum
- Simply Pure
- B. (Not by Superdrug but sold in Superdrug Stores Exclusively)

Today I wanted to share with you five of Superdrug's own brand skincare products that I truly adore and have re-purchased time and time again, including one new discovery that I had to share with you guys also!
1. Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser £5.99
This is another wonderful Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish dupe and a bargain if you're on a budget, it's also even more of a steal if you can get it on offer! And when I can't get my hands on the Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser then this is my go-to instead.

This cream cleanser not only cleanses the face but it removes makeup and comes with a muslin cloth too. What more can I say other then this 100ml cleanser is a drugstore cleansing dream!

2. Vitamin E Hydrating Mist £2.99
I'm obsessed with this mist, plain and simple! I use it day and night as a hydrating toner step within my routine. At night I even do two or three mists of the face with this because it is so hydrating, in-offensive and wonderful value for money.

3. B Refreshed Essence Lotion £6.99
This is actually a new step I've incorporated into my routine and B is one of the very few brands within the drugstore market that does an Essence. (Side note: I'm not entirely sure B are an own brand of Superdrug's but they are exclusive to Superdrug).

Now, what is an Essence I hear you say!? It actually originates from Korea and is essentially like a watered down serum which hydrates and replenishes the skin, very much like a toner actually consistency wise. I love this B version as it really does give me that added boost of hydration.

I use this after I've cleansed and done my glycolic step and before I've toned in the evening.

4. Optimum Instant Anti-Wrinkle Swiss Ice Wine Eye Cream £12.99
This has been a firm favourite of mine since last year. The Optimum range is a little more expensive than some of the other Superdrug own brands, but they really do have some fantastic products within this collection including the Swiss Ice Wine Eye Cream.

I love this because first of all, it has this metal applicator to apply the eye cream which makes it really cooling to apply around the eye area and second of all this is a wonderfully delicate and moisturising eye cream that doesn't irritate my eye area at all.

5. Optimum Glycolic Overnight Peel £12.99 - In Superdrug Stores
Finally this Glycolic Overnight Peel has a slightly different take on the conventional Glycolic Pads/Toners you're probably familiar with. This is actually a great one if you like the sound of a Glycolic product but you're not keen on the toner or pads forms and you want something that's not as harsh.

I like this because it is has a lightweight gel texture that sinks into the skin straight away. I also love using this in replace of my moisturisers and serums at night when I'm short for time but I want something that's going to help my skin feel glowy and refined when I wake up the next day.

The Naturally Radiant Collection also does a Glycolic Overnight Peel which I've linked here.


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